Nose Picks

how do YOU pick your nose?

Nose Picks

How Do YOU Pick Your Nose?

Nose Picks


Nose Picks

  • Loud & Proud — We know you pick your nose, now you can do it in style & comfort
  • Bye-Bye Boogers — Clean your nose hygienically and comfortably with thick, soft, pure natural cotton swab designed to pick
  • Great for Kids — A new tool in your care arsenal, cause kids can be kinda gross.
  • Dedicated and Delightful — Instead of trying to remember tissues, these multi-purpose tools do it all without being a claw-like, tissue prong from the bottom of your purse.
  • Fast, Free Shipping — Always!

So You Pick Your Nose

Let's just settle a few things: Everyone picks their nose. It's a nasty little habit that leads to flicking, smearing, germ-spreading, and family arguments.

Our nose picks are the handiest little thing you didn't know you needed. A custom designed product with soft, full, pure cotton designed to get boogers, snot, dust, and debris out of your nose and into the garbage.

We often clean our nose using a finger or a tissue... The finger is, well, you know, gross. And one-and-done tissues can be scratchy, messy, and ineffective. Our nose picks are dedicated tools that clean noses, including deviated septums and snot-filled kids. For those who hate to blow but have the sniffles, for leaky nostrils that come out of nowhere, for the sake of your purse and pockets, our nose picks catch pretty much everything you throw at it and leave you breathing easier.

Keep them in the bathroom, your handbag, in the car, and at your desk. Nose picks are here to save the day (and your marriage!).

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