We're Addicted. Here's Why — the Full Story

I was f*&%ing exhausted. My kids were up. My partner snored. The neighbor's dog wouldn't stop barking. Construction sounds started at stupid o'clock every single day. OVER IT! Most of those things were out of my control, but I could control my pillow. So I quit that deflated polyester sack and went hunting for a good night's sleep.

Believe me, I didn't know what a buckwheat hull pillow was either, until I did. The first night I slept on one, well, it wasn't for me. Turns out, it was actual support, and I had no idea what that felt like. My partner tried it and was sold. So I took it back, obviously.

Two nights later, fully rested and entirely amazed. The pillow was so supportive I didn't have to fluff it once. Of course, I was obsessed with the concept. I slept so well. I wasn't waking up with a stiff neck or back. I wasn't flipping, flopping, punching and screaming into my pillow. I knew this was the start of a solution, but it was overpriced and underfilled. I knew I could make it better (soooo much better), and so it became my mission to create the perfect buckwheat pillow and share the long overdue necessity of being addicted to a deep sleep with everyone, including you!

As this passion project became a business, I knew I wanted to create something amazing, unparalleled and better than everything else out there. That's why Addicted to Sleep is 100% women-owned, our buckwheat hulls had to be USA-grown and certified organic. I insisted on all the best features: customizable, incredibly supportive, and woven from only the highest quality, dye-free, natural cotton. No cutting corners. Because enough is enough, right? It was time to make something I could be addicted to and beyond proud of. Each of our products meets with my highest, life-tested standards. If I don't use it, I don't sell it.

The goal and hope of Addicted to Sleep Buckwheat Pillows is to provide you, the one who is tired and done with unnecessary interruptions, with the best night sleep so you can be the best version of yourself and that feeling is addicting.

I sleep so well, each and every night. And so should you! Ready for the best sleep of your life?