Things To Know

A- We offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. For our Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Canadian customers, please inquire to Eva@AddictedToSleep.com for a customized quote. If you are elsewhere, please email us! We’d love to find available shipping options to get you the best sleep of your life


We have a Nightmare-Free Guarantee so you can sleep easy. Try our buckwheat pillow products for 30 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price. While we’d love to cover the return shipping fees, we aren’t able to yet. You’ll be responsible for return shipping fees.


In the unlikely event that you experience a quality issue with our pillows – like the zipper splits or there is a tear in the casing – this is covered in our Nightmare-Free Guarantee. Be sure to snap a picture and start the return process. 

Our t-shirts and rope bags have a 10-day return window – same deal as above! We will give you a refund but you will be responsible for the return shipping fees.

Start your return here: [Eva@AddictedToSleep.com] 


Our pillows are completely customizable. When it feels right for you, that’s the ideal amount! Your brand new pillow is 80% filled with our organic buckwheat hulls so they can move freely to fit your head and neck. Use the complimentary extra organic buckwheat hulls included in every purchase to plump and adjust to your exact sleep needs. 80% is the sweet spot for most – but be sure to make it just right for you! 

A- Well, friends, hulls are heavier than feathers – plain and simple. But those lightweight products are lightweights in the long run – they don’t hold up! Head and neck support isn’t something for the birds* – you need a product that works as hard as you do.

*No birds were harmed in the making of this pillow. 

A- It’s really up to you! Have a larger bed or body? Consider a larger pillow. Have a smaller space or a petite frame? Choose a smaller one. Looking for luxurious, roomy support? Or a plush Instagram aesthetic? Go extra large! Our Medium pillow is our best seller and fits perfectly on a Queen bed. 

The most important thing to remember is support: you want the pillow to fit snugly under your head and neck, filling up the space to your shoulder. We recommend doing a little measuring to figure out which pillow will sit just right under your body. 

A- Definitely! There is a huge difference between organic and conventional buckwheat hulls. Organic buckwheat hulls are grown, harvested, and washed without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or additives, ever. Our hulls meet the strict, no-nonsense regulations of the USDA. The resulting high quality organic hulls are much springier and airy than their conventional, sprayed counterparts. The higher quality ensures that they are fully intact when harvested and they keep their signature shape. 

A- Our cases are machine washable! Check out our Care Instructions for the details.

A- Buckwheat hulls – those tiny little wonders – defy our normal categories, because you can add or remove hulls to get the head cradle that’s right for you. To make those adjustments, sit the pillow upright in a vertical position, with the zipper facing towards the ceiling. Open the zipper and adjust. A little goes a long way – so experiment with small amounts, like a cup at a time. 

A- Organic buckwheat hulls – there is nothing better out there for a clean, chemical-free, and supportive night’s sleep. Our thick cotton twill pillow case is significantly softer and plusher than the thin alternatives. Not only is it comfy, but the thicker cotton helps muffle any sounds that the hulls may make when you move in the night. Finally, our pillows come filled with more hulls – more hulls equals more support. More support equals more sleep. More sleep equals better health. You get it. 

A- Why not?? Test different fill levels, squirm around, give it a go! While it may be tempting to fill it with every.last.hull., leave some space inside the pillow for the hulls to move around and provide that all-night-long support. We’d recommend maxing out at 85% full. 

A- Ten years. TEN YEARS. When was the last time you thought a pillow could last that long?

A- Buckwheat hull pillows have been around for centuries. They were common in Asian cultures and have been used as a tool throughout the ages. We are so happy to make this ancient luxury available to you and your family.


Buckwheat hull pillows provide optimal support and comfort. When creating the pillows, I made sure to use thicker natural cotton that doesn't contain any chemicals or dyes that other cotton fabric pillows are manufactured with. You would be surprised to know how much chemicals are used to get the right colors onto fabrics. We don't use any colors, which means no chemicals. The natural sandy or beige color the cotton pillows come in is in its natural form. No chemicals/dyes or bleaches were used in the process.


The best way to get the longest life out of your pillow is to care for it well. While handwashing is likely best, who has time for that? Instead, do this:


Open the invisible zipper, pour the hulls into a container (we use a baking sheet or bowl at our house). The hulls love a little time in the sun or a dry place while the case is washed.


  • Machine wash the empty case in cold water with light colors.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Lay flat or hang to dry – no dryers!


Pour hulls back into the fully dry pillowcase, and take a nap. You deserve it!